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Headache Pain

Many times more than one kind of headache is causing trouble at the same time. It helps to know more about headaches than just the joint and muscle causes. If you quickly find and treat the root of the problem you end up with lasting and safe results.


Back Pain

Aside from the common cold, studies have shown that low back pain is the biggest reason for missing work.  In fact, the estimate is over 20 million suffer with debilitating back pain.  And it’s sad that despite all the tools and knowledge made available today we don’t have this problem under control yet.  Back pain should not plague so many people.

Neck Pain

Are you serious about stopping your neck pain? If so then I may just have the answer to relieving your neck pain and even fixing it so it doesn’t return for a long time or ever again.  It helps to get a diagnosis from your primary care physician or chiropractor so you can focus on and treat the root issue.

Numbness & Tingling

The intense burning and shooting pain that comes with nerve compression is terrible to live with, and often debilitating. While numbness seems less concerning it is actually worse. A nerve that is a little in trouble will cause tingling and pain. A nerve that is fully compressed and starved of oxygen will cause numbness.

Nerve numbness happens because the nerve is in so much trouble it cant work at all.


Both the flu and a cold are viruses. Unfortunately, viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Often, if we are infected by a virus, we are simply told we have to endure the pain until our immune systems concur all. But that's not true!The very best way to beat a virus is not to let one take hold. I am exposed over and over to colds and the flu each year in the clinic, and I don't get sick. I keep myself in prime flu and cold fighting fitness.

Migraine Headaches

 You didn't plan for this today, nobody plans for this. What you wanted was to get up take care of your family and get on with your day. You have things to do. But all of that can be interrupted by a migraine headache. Many people experience migraine headaches fairly frequently, once a week or once a month... Imagine going three, six or even nine months without a migraine. You can make it happen, but it won't happen unless you're proactive. I know you may have already tried a neurologist. I know you may already take medication. But, if you're still having migraines and they are still effecting your life something may have been missed. There may be some piece to the puzzle that hasn't been found yet, and that piece may be the key to getting a better handle on migraines. That's why I do a timeline history and a functional and anatomical exam to make sure that we don't miss any pieces of the puzzle. I hated having migraines, they took control of my life, but now I am free of them. I want you to be free from them too.

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