Headache Pain

Tension or Stress Headache


Are you busy? Bit too much on the plate?


This type of HA starts in the back of the head and neck and will travel into the forehead. It can last hours to days, but does not generally keep you awake at night. Sleeping more and resting will help.


Tension and stress cause headache because they increase the pressure at the back of your head where many neck muscles attach.


Tension is a bit different from from a stress headache. Tension headache is mostly caused by poor posture at the office, working overhead, or can be the result of an auto-accident from years gone by.


Stress headache comes on when you are truly under the stresses of life. Stress does loads of nasty things to your body, causing increased muscle tension, the release of the stress hormone cortisol, and changes in your blood sugar.


Under long periods of stress your body doesn't heal very well, doesn't rest very well, and hurts more.


When you are adjusted by a chiropractor it causes the muscles in the area area to relax as well stimulating your body to enter the rest and repair state, know as the parasympathetic state. An adjustment will relax your mind and body.


Sinus headache


Is dust or mold living in your face? Do you crave the food that causes you the most trouble?


You have several sinuses in your face. If these are swollen because of allergies or an infection they cause a headache.


This type headache is often felt in the face, or behind the eye. It tends to get worse if the pressure in your head goes up. Bending over or straining makes it worse, as does a plane ride. Around Shiprock it is very common, especially after a windy day.


If the problem is caused by allergies there a-lot of things you can do at home. Your body deals with allergens in a very particular fashion. It only has the ability to handle so many  things at once.


If there are too many things for your body to take care of, you will end up with symptoms. The good news is that anything you take away from the body’s allergen load will help every allergen symptom to calm down.


A chiropractic adjust will tell your body that it is ok to calm down the allergen response and your symptoms will improve. An adjustment will also help to loosen sinus gunk, so your sinuses will drain.



Teeth grinding at night


Is your headache the result of teeth grinding?


The average person only touches their teeth together for five minutes a day.


Teeth grinding is a very common cause of headache. These headaches are relentless, and effect you day and night. Grinding your teeth, or even clenching your teeth during the day causes inflammation of your jaw joint.


The jaw joint or temporomandibular joint is very sensitive, and if swollen can cause pain in your face and neck as well as tension in the neck muscles.


I work on the jaw joint to decrease pain and tension in jaw muscles. I also recommend certain supplements that are easy to get here in Shiprock, as well as coach sleeping habits. All of this works well to improve teeth grinding and headaches.


Poor posture headache


Lap tops, ipads and phones.... headache causing modern marvels.


Poor posture can be stress, injury or work related. Stress will cause you to slump forward, pull your shoulders forwards, and clench your teeth.


An injury ends up causing joint damage that makes you lean forward or to the side. Muscles that are working under poor posture wear-out faster and begin to ache. Tense achy muscles put even more stress on the joints and lead to even more pain.


There is a cycle of pain and spasm after an injury or if your posture has been poor for along time.


Poor posture causes joint pain, and joint pain causes poor posture.


By addressing all of the causes of poor posture, muscle tension, joint pain, work habits, stress and the like, posture will begin to change.

With better posture headaches improve, and you have more energy in general.


Auto Accident headache


That fender may not be the only things thats dented. What about your brain?


Headache after a car wreck is extremely common. Most times even a slow speed fender bender will cause a headache later the same day or the next day.


The most common cause of headache after a wreck is whiplash. Whiplash causes small tears in muscles, a strain injury. Or, small tears in ligaments, a sprain injury. After whiplash your neck is stiff, sore and you often have a headache.


The other kind of headache that is common after an injury is a concussion. Your brain is very soft and even with all the marvelous safety features of a modern car minor concussions are common.


A concussion is similar to a bruise on the brain and happens because of the sudden and forceful change of direction your head goes through during a wreck.


They cause head-pain, difficulty concentrating, sleepiness or drowsiness, and moodiness.


The pain is often felt all over the head and behind the eyes and is worse in the direction of the impact.


Minor concussions are very easy to treat and a few simple things will help you recover quickly and fully.


Chiropractic treatment works to relax muscles and stimulate healing in injured areas of the neck and brain.


I also recommend certain supplements and vitamins to help recover from concussion as well as a brief change in eating habits.


Chiropractic Resolve


Getting rid of headaches is so easy I made it my job.


Many people come to me hoping I can help with their headache. Getting rid of a headache for good begins with finding the kind of headache you have and then getting rid of the problem.


Iv’e gotten great at finding the cause of headaches and helping my patients fix them for good.


Many times more than one kind of headache is causing trouble at the same time. It helps to know more about headaches than just the joint and muscle causes. If you quickly find and treat the root of the problem you end up with lasting and safe results.


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