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Both the flu and a cold are viruses. Unfortunately, viruses do not respond to antibiotics. Often, if we are infected by a virus, we are simply told we have to endure the pain until our immune systems concur all. But that's not true! The very best way to beat a virus is not to let one take hold. I am exposed over and over to colds and the flu each year in the clinic, and I don't get sick. I keep myself in prime flu and cold fighting fitness. During virus season, I eat very little sugar. Viruses love sugar, and the immune system hates it. Have a little sugar and it will depress the immune system for several hours. Have a little every day, like soda, and you might as well starting thinking about scheduling a sick day. Also, get some sleep! A good friend of mine once told me that sleep is a weapon. Getting plenty of rest will keep you in tip top shape to kill a cold.



So get plenty of rest and keep the carbs on the low end, but what else can be done? Luckily for us, there are several super powerful antiviral supplements. They are safe, cheap and readily available. I will list them for you and give a brief explanation of the effect each one has. As always, please consult your healthcare professional before taking any new supplement or beginning any antiviral protocol.



If you have questions about specific dosages and natural antiviral protocols just contact the office to set up an appointment. That is what I'm here for.


Black Elderberry Extract has been known to have an antiviral effect for years. It is safe and even tastes sweet. That is a major plus if you have picky toddlers at home. It works by blocking a virus from infecting a new host cell. It does not kill the virus itself but keeps it contained while your immune system does its job. Elderberry is one of the antivirals that I take daily. Then, if I happen to get sick, I take a specific dose multiple times a day. It contains the virus while my immune system kills it. The last time I got a cold, I was over it in 24 hours and it never got very bad. One thing to be aware of when taking Black Elderberry is that if you do get sick and start taking it, don't stop too early. I have watched patients begin taking Elderberry for the flu, felt great after a few days and then stop. But, because Elderberry does not kill the virus, only contain it, the flu re-emerged after they stopped taking the Elderberry. That is not a fun ride.



Red Marine Algae is another immune system supporter that will reduce the likelihood that you will get sick or reduce the time and severity of a virus if you already have one. It has also been shown to have an effect against bacteria and fungi as well as parasites. That is because a certain type of sugar called mannose from the algae will bind to and help the immune system recognize bad bugs.



Lemon Balm is yet another antiviral compound and has the added bonus of increasing concentration, and quality of sleep without making you groggy. Certain compounds in lemon balm are specifically antiviral and unlike some of the other virus fighting supplements, this stuff actually kills the virus. It has even been shown to help with herpes and shingles outbreaks when used topically, and has proven useful in fighting Epstein Barr Virus and even AIDS. It has also shown promise in boosting the brain power of dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers. Better sleep, better brain and antiviral! That's a win-win.



Monolaurin is derived from coconut oil and has the wonderful property of dissolving the protective coating of some pretty nasty viruses. Some viruses have a special coating called an envelope. This envelope makes the virus invisible to the immune system. Taking monolaurin destroys the envelope, the immune system recognizes the threat and pow! Dead virus.



Vitamin C is a fantastic antiviral and immune booster. It works best by keeping your immune system in prime condition. If you are already sick, vitamin C may be too little too late unless taken in high or super high doses. In extreme cases, vitamin C can be administered by intravenous drip at very high doses. At that strength, it has even been shown to have powerful anti-cancer properties. If you are taking high doses of vitamin C orally the first sign that may be getting too much will be loose stools. Vitamin C is water soluble and your body gets rid of it very easily and quickly, so harmful overdosing is very difficult. But, that may depend on how harmful you consider diarrhea. Fun fact on vitamin C. A study was conducted with healthy male athletes of high school age. These athletes had no signs of any vitamin deficiencies, injury, illness. They all took slightly high doses of vitamin C per day and after a few weeks, each of them ran faster and further, with faster recovery times than before vitamin C treatment. Vitamin C even boosted the health of the healthy.



Methyl Folate, Methyl B12, and Vitamin D are vital nutrients for your body, and especially your immune system. Each of these will boost immune function and help you stay healthy even in the toughest flu and cold season. But, like Vitamin C they are put to best use before you get sick as a preventative. Vitamin D can be overdosed much easier than most other vitamins. If you are going to take more than the recommended daily amount of vitamin D, I strongly advise you do so only under the care of a medical professional.



Not only is iodine vital for your thyroid function and metabolism, but it is also one of the antiviral agents the immune system uses to combat disease. It is used against bacteria, fungus, parasites and cancer cells as well. Most of the US population is iodine deficient. This is due to several factors. We are exposed to toxic levels of fluoride by drinking tap water and bathing. Fluoride is also added to toothpaste. In all, we get too much fluoride and too little iodine. Nascent Iodine is an ultra pure form of iodine that even the most iodine sensitive seem to be able to tolerate with no trouble. It is bit more difficult to get ahold of than other forms of iodine, but it is well worth the added trouble and cost, especially for those who have had previous iodine sensitivities. Lugol's solution is another form of iodine that is very easy to find in just about every health food store. It is well tolerated by most.



Don't let a little virus get you down. You can beat the common cold and you can beat the flu. If you need help with a personal antiviral protocol, give my office a call.

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