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Being a chiropractor in Shiprock is living the good life. Every day I meet people suffering from low back or neck pain. They just had a car wreck,

or have a headache they can’t shake. Busy moms, nine months pregnant with low back pain, are still so nice! A busy mom with her cute little toddler comes in and can’t breathe because she’s in pain, but she worries about Jayley being too loud. A cowboy gets bucked off a horse and can’t walk because of shooting pain in his leg, but he stands  up to shake my hand. Shiprock is like it’s own New Mexico in New Mexico.


Neck Pain

Turning your head shouldn't cause pain. If you have pain when turning or

looking over your shoulder, that’s not normal.


I often ask patients what they like to do in their free time, asking gives

me insight into their daily life and helps me provide better treatment.

I too often get answers like, “I’d like to do anything other than think

about my neck.” Some types of neck pain need professional attention, and others can be treated at home. Simple neck pain can cause headaches and tense muscles that can make it hard to rest or sleep. Complicated neck pain can cause intense headaches that often won’t respond well to over-the-counter medication. Worst of all, neck pain from an injury can lead to shoulder and arm pain, or numbness and tingling. And honestly, it’s quite a challenge to treat at home. But go ahead and try this.


Here are 3 easy-to-do stretches that I’d use first to reduce your neck

pain. After stretching, wrap an ice pack in a towel and put it on your neck for 10 minutes. It’ll help calm down the swelling so your neck can turn and bend easier. Using ice on your neck for longer than ten minutes tends to cause more muscle tension. So it’s best to avoid over icing. If ice helps, you can do this every other hour you are awake. Three times a day is plenty. If this isn’t something you think you can handle at home, you’re probably right. Go ahead and ask for help this time. That’s what I’m here for.


Here’s the secret to getting rid of neck pain for good. You need to find the reason your neck has failed to adapt. It’s easy to treat pain, what’s hard is getting rid of the reason you have pain. The number one reason for neck pain in my clinic is an old untreated injury. It’s that fall you had as a kid, or that car wreck you had awhile back. It’s almost without fail that patients come into my clinic and tell me that they must have slept wrong, or they “overdid it.” Or I hear they have “had this before” but this time it didn’t go away or the pain is worse than “usual.” There is a sad pattern of suffering. Every day with chronic pain is one day closer to permanent pain. A lot of the time, people have gotten used to hurting. And they only look for help if the “normal” amount of pain changes.“Sleeping wrong” or “overdoing it” probably isn’t the cause of your pain. And, it’s not because you are “just getting old” either. There’s a real reason you hurt and I can help you find and treat it.



Low Back Pain

Living with low back pain is like trying to swim in blue jeans. Every movement becomes careful and planned. Getting your pants and shoes on feels like you just ran a race. Cleaning up becomes a mountain to climb. Enough of that. Living in pain, taking muscle relaxers and painkillers does not make a happy person. You end up skipping out on the fun stuff and just managing to get through work or make sure you have clean clothes. If it’s really bad you can’t rest, and end up trying to find that “perfect position” that sort-of helps. When it hurts to rest or change positions you have a problem. If the pain has been around longer than two or three days it's definitely time to take action. Start with ice. Its simple and everyone has it. Apply ice to the area of pain for 15 minutes every other hour. Stretching will also help.


Minor low back pain should resolve on it’s own in two or three days. It’s

simple soreness from overdoing it. You just worked the muscle hard enough to be a little sore. It doesn’t hurt to walk to or change positions, it feels more like just finishing a workout. Sharp or shooting pain from the low back into the leg or groin means you have some swelling around a nerve, or a pinched nerve. This type of pain does not respond well to at home care, or waiting until it gets better. The very painful low back and nerve combination causes the most trouble at home and at work, sometimes making it impossible to get through the day. Sharp or stabbing pain tends to point to joint damage. Being injured gets in the way of how your spine stays healthy. After an injury a spinal joint can become unhealthy enough to complain about almost anything you do. Clean the house? Flair up. Stand too long at work? Flair up. Wear the wrong shoes? Flair up. Chances are this is easier to fix than you think. It’s just time to get some help.



Headaches Pain

On a “good” day it's just an achy throbbing sensation. Even with a mild headache it’s hard to concentrate. You just can’t focus on anything else and simple tasks become a chore. Other times it takes over your life and brings daily tasks to a halt. You just want to be able to focus and get stuff done. Your day is busy enough without also dealing with a headache. A few types of headache are easy to resolve at home. The next time you feel one coming on, go ahead and try these ideas. Drink water. 16 ounces or more. It might just be dehydrated. Try to stay away from drinks with caffeine like coffee, tea and soda. These will make it worse. Ice the forehead. 10 minutes. Place an ice pack on the forehead and temples for about 10 minutes. A cool wet-rag or a bag of frozen peas will work just as well. Hot wet rag on back of neck. 5 minutes. Set it on the back of your neck at your hairline. This will improve blood flow and relax your neck. Don’t over-do heat. A little is great and a lot may invite swelling. Common causes of headaches include minor neck or shoulder injuries,stress, tension, sinus problems, migraines, lack of sleep and dehydration. If you want help getting rid of a headache, or your latest migraine is no-longer welcome. That’s what I’m here for.



Numbness & Tingling

Numbness, Tingling and shooting pain. It can be a nuisance, just a little tingling when you are typing or writing. It can even wake you at night with a numb arm. You try and shake it awake hoping everything comes back to life. If it progresses, it can become a real problem making it hard to stand, walk, or use your hand. You feel like you have rubber legs that are going to give out. Every step may be a struggle. At its worst, it's hard to hold your cup of coffee. Arm and leg symptoms like these often stem from the neck or low back. It can start as an occasional slight tingle, or intense electric shock. Sitting for long periods and then trying to talk your legs into feeling the floor again.

Kenneth Wingrove


I am 100% doctor for more than 2000 patients having given over 20,000 treatments and 200% father to 4 amazing and wonderful kids. I married an absolutely perfect woman and I never looked back.


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Symptom Management


Want to know what pain is? Pain is the result of a body that has lost the ability to cope with the stresses of life. Life stress can be anything from not sleeping well, or having a cold to an injury or disease. Bodies are designed to adapt to all kinds of stresses. When we are adapting to stress well, we feel good. When we are adapting to stress poorly, we have symptoms. If your body is in pain or sick, some part of the biology or structure has failed to adjust to the stresses it is being put under. Symptoms can begin as ache pain felt on and off, or those days when you wake up after a good nights sleep, and you still feel worn out. Symptoms can also be immediate and constant, the result of injury or the flair up of an old injury. The longer you have pain, when on and off pain begins to become constant pain, you are moving in the direction of permanent pain. Every day you live with chronic pain is one day closer to permanence. If we can find the reason your body has failed to adapt to life, then we can treat it. Sometimes conditions are already being treated, but you may not have experienced the improvement you had hoped. Something may have missed. That's why I take a time-line history, to get the story of what made you, you. Then I perform a functional and anatomical exam. That gives me all the pieces of the puzzle to design your treatment. Think back to the last time you felt good, feeling like that again is the goal.


Chiropractic Services


It’s no secret, guys love tools. I’ve got a garage full of them, and so is my clinic.

Having all the right tools makes the job successful...


But what you need most of all is highly skilled people, like my massage therapists and new patient specialists. You need to see beautiful smiling faces when you come in.


Lets face it, you probably aren't feeling great.


Oh, I have all the fancy gadgets that make it easier for me to take care you, like decompression tables, laser and ultra-sound machines. But, my greatest asset is my staff.


Here is a huge secret... A doc is only as good as his staff. My staff is amazing.


Personal Approach


You remember that old friend Bedside Manner? He is still alive.


I don’t want you to be shocked by this... but I will probably look you right in the eye and ask about what is going on.


Here’s another shocker. It’s not just me, my entire staff cares too.


Corporate Approach


For all you hard working folks who make the world go-round Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Teachers, Computer Technicians, Drivers, Equipment Operators, Wind turbine builders.

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Kenneth Wingrove Services

Emergency Care



Whiplash your neck in a car wreck, throw out your back while moving furniture, or injure your spine during a sporting event or at work?  Call aheads are nice for us to be prepared for you, but we train continuously to be ready for your no-warning walk-in.  And we’ll greet you with a smile, anxious to give you relief and healing.

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Corporate Care



The biggest cause of work-related absence is back pain and related joint and muscle injuries.  Join Dr. Wingrove’s corporate care programs today for a $49 initial visit that includes the consultation, exam, diagnostic and all treatments necessary for corporate employees to recover fast and maximize their production time.


Preventive Maintenance



Best recoveries and fewest relapses are seen in our patients who choose to strengthen the surrounding muscles and ligaments after their pain is gone.  We have found that after emergency care pain relief, our best cases return for treatment once each month to remind the body what it should feel like to move.

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Warning Signs



If it’s challenging to walk or turn your head, come immediately so we can speed the recovery.  If the injury is a relapse, the rule of thumb is if it lingers over eight days then let us check it out for you and help you in your recovery.


Holistic Care



Though you may notice relief from your symptoms, you will find our technique treats the body to release spasms, improve joint movement, and ultimately take care of the whole body’s need for ideal mechanics and nerve communication.  As we improve the whole body, the outcome is often a happy healthy patient.

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Check Lists



We’ve found that most patients with back or neck issues have an injury to their muscles, nerve or their spinal disc. Along with the questions on your new patient intake forms, we will be able to pinpoint the problem as we match your symptoms to our orthopedic test findings on top of what we find as we poke around to find your exact pain points.  Then we will know how to quickly and effectively improve your condition.


Patient Documents



Want to save time spent in our office? You already know the government requires information on top of our necessary intake forms for recognizing how to help you best.  The paperwork should take you approximately 11 minutes… if you would like to complete it in the comfort of your own home then get them here.


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Frequently Asked Questions



We’re happy to answer any of your questions in person.  For efficiency we have listed our most frequently asked questions so you don’t have to wait.  Click here to find our best answers.

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